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Apr 16

Extension Behavior Change: Measuring Outcomes of Landscape Site Visits and Individual Teachings

10:30 am EDT

Many horticultural Extension professionals conduct numerous consulting phone calls, emails, office visits, and site visits to solve landscape-related problems and concerns. These individual teaching methods are valuable to clients, but can be challenging to evaluate. The goal of this webinar is to present strategies for measuring behavior change as a result of landscape site visits and individual consultations in Extension programming.

The speaker will present participants with an overview of suggested strategies. Participants will have the opportunity to share additional methods used in their individual programs and will play a role in planning for future trainings on this topic.



Laura Sanagorski

Apr 16

English for Health: Developing and Promoting Health Literacy Partnerships

12:00 pm EDT

Overview of the Webinar:

Through a blend of instruction and experiential learning in a healthcare setting, adult ESL students in Literacy Network’s award winning English for Health program learn how to access and use healthcare. 

Best suited to participants that work with adult literacy and ESL students, this presentation will provide an in-depth description of the replicable 12-week course that provides adult English language learners hands-on practice to improve their English language ability, knowledge of healthcare practices and their efficacy in making and communicating good decisions regarding their health care.   

Attendees will learn how the program prepares adult language learners to:
  • Navigate the health care system
  • Communicate with health care staff and providers
  • Read prescription labels
  • Adopt healthy habits.
Literacy Network staff will also share how the program has successfully united area health care providers and community members with low health literacy through class presentations and the program’s innovative mock clinic.

Participants will learn:

  1. Why health literacy is vital to health outcomes.
  2. How to develop partnerships for health.
  3. How to use the English for Health framework to implement health literacy classes for adult English language learners. 
  4. How the English for Health program has proven beneficial to not only adults with limited health literacy but also to the healthcare systems and professionals involved. 

 Looking for more information?

Check out this interview: http://youtu.be/ncIYzf00MF0

Apr 16

Community Gardens

12:30 pm EDT

Lunch ‘n Learn Webinars

2014 Winter/Spring  —  Wednesdays 12:30pm-1:15pm EST

(30 mins presentation, 15 mins questions)

April 16th    Using Participatory Design to Build & Enhance Community Gardens 

Abbey Piner, MHS, Participatory designer + Permaculture designer

This webinar will introduce the concept of participatory design as a tool in designing or re-designing community gardens as well as for group decision making for community garden management. Participants will leave the webinar with examples of ways that participatory design has been useful in existing community gardens, a sense of some occasions when participatory design activities are particularly useful, and a list of resources helpful in planning participatory activities for community garden groups.


May 21st    Friendship Gardens, Plots to Thicken Community. Learn how a network of school, faith, therapy, & community gardens work together to grow food for meals on wheels.

Henry Owen, Program Director, Friendship Gardens, Charlotte, NC

June 25th   garden networks and donating produce

Susan Sides, Diana McCall, Adam Bigelow; Western Alliance for Gardens That Give



No Registration Required. 

To join webinars online, simply click on the link below at the date and time of the webinar you wish to attend. To hear the audio portion of the webinar you can either use your computer speakers OR you call-in via telephone: 571-392-7703 (PIN: 87 672 045 568)

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Here is a helpful orientation video with more information.

Please contact Lisa (Poser) Valdivia with any questions: eaposer@ncat.edu, 336-285-4622

Webinars will be recorded and archived at www.extension.org and www.nccgp.org.

These sessions are hosted by The Cooperative Extension Program at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and the North Carolina Community Garden Partners.

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