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Feb 24

Missouri River Basin Spring Flood Outlook

2:00 pm EST

With record water levels in 2019, and spring right around the corner, flooding is top of mind for many. Join us for our upcoming webinar where we'll hear from Kevin Low, Service Coordination Hydrologist with NOAA National Weather Service, Missouri Basin River Forecast Center. Come learn about operations of the National Weather Service Missouri Basin River Forecast Center, and hear a brief on the 2020 Spring flood risk across the basin.

Photo by South Dakota Civil Air Patrol
Feb 25

Get Savvy: How to Save on Travel

1:00 pm EST

When:  Feb 25, 2020 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (CT)

Are you interested in traveling, but do not want to break the bank? Whether you are traveling within the United States or abroad, join us as we discuss ways to reduce your cost of travel. We will cover different saving tips and tricks to make traveling more financially feasible! Registration required.

Login: After registering at the link, login instructions will be provided. Reminder emails with instructions will be sent the day before and day of the webinar. Follow-up email will be sent with recording.



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Feb 25

America Saves Week: YouTube Live & Twitter Chat 2020

2:00 pm EST

Our guests for the discussion on the YouTube Live (video chat) include Dr. Laura Hendrix (University of Arkansas), Jinnifer Ortquist (Michigan State University Extension), Marco Pantoja (University of Missouri Extension) Dr. Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head (South Dakota State University), and Sasha Grabenstetter (University of Illinois Extension), who will moderate the online video panel.

General Instructions:

·        Log in to Tchat.io (http://www.tchat.io/) at 2pm EST on Tuesday. February 25th, 2020

·        Insert #eXASchat into the textbox that pops up so you can tweet easily and view the live Twitter stream

·        Create valuable content by answering questions about saving money

Questions That We Will Discuss:


Q1.        What kinds of things do we save for?

Q2.        When should we go from just saving to saving with a plan?

Q3.        What does saving with a plan look like?

Q4.        What action steps can people take to save with a plan today?

Q5.        What tools/resources can we use to save with a plan?

Q6.        Why is saving with a plan important?

Q7.        How often should we reevaluate our savings plan?

Q8.        How come it’s hard to stick to a plan?

Q9.        What is your #1 savings tip? 


Sasha Grabenstetter, Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head, Laura Hendrix, Jinnifer Ortquist


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