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Mar 26

All New Look, All New Data: Land-grant Impacts Database | by Scott Cummings

10:00 am EDT

Check out the Land-grant Impacts Database or public website and (https://landgrantimpacts.org/) you will see big changes. The site has a fresh new look, better tools and search capabilities, integrated peer review, and more prominently displayed impact stories. All new statements submitted to the database will now undergo peer review before being made public on the site. This new layer of review will insure the highest quality information is being displayed. Statements from the past three years will be archived and available, but not displayed on the public site. This session will discuss the site, how it is used, and how to use the site.


Scott Cummings


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Mar 27

MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture Webinar: Soils and Salts: From Fertilizer to Tidewater

12:00 pm EDT

3/27/19: Soils and Salts: From Fertilizer to Tidewater

Salts are a natural component of soils. In fact most nutrients and fertilizers exist in salt forms such as potassium chloride (KCl). Salts can have a negative effect on plant growth, reducing their ability to pull water from the soil. Although the East usually has enough rainfall to keep salt levels low, fertilizer placement, irrigation water, and flooding in the low lying areas of the Mid-Atlantic can all have detrimental effects. We will discuss how to read salt sources, understand fertilizer placement, and implement remediation for gardens and row crops.

Registration: https://2019wednesdaywebinars.eventbrite.com

For upcoming and archived webinars please visit: https://extension.umd.edu/womeninag/webinars



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Mar 27

Alternative Sources of Credit

12:30 pm EDT

One of the every-changing facets of the financial industry is the availability of credit. The technology world has expanded the opportunities for consumers and they need to be able to make informed decisions when choosing a lender. This webinar will provide updates and information on the current alternative sources, benefits and costs of credit. Participants will also learn how to determine if a lending sources is a reputable one and be able to recognize deceptive marketing strategies.

Dr. Ann Berry has been an Extension educator for over 30 years serving in Louisiana and Tennessee as a youth educator and adult educator. She has been with the University of Tennessee since 2006 and is a Professor and Consumer Economics Specialist. Her program leadership includes personal finance training for teachers, home buyer education, and consumer education programs for senior adults. Under her leadership and direction, over 2000 teachers have been trained since 2007 to teach personal finance in high school. She also coordinates the Homebuyer Education Program in partnership with the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA).

She has served as the Secretary for JCEP, the Joint Council for Extension Professionals and the National President of ESP, Epsilon Sigma Phi.  She received her PhD in Human Resource Development/Adult Education from LSU. She has BS and MS degrees in Home Economics from LSU and an MBA from Northeast Louisiana University. She is also a Registered Financial Gerontologist.



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