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Jul 28

Hybrid Teaching: Extension at the Crossroads

4:00 pm EDT

What is hybrid teaching, and why should I care?  Hybrid (sometimes called blended) teaching can be a game changer for Extension. This approach offers Extension a powerful means to deliver programming using both online and on-site teaching that work together in a cohesive manner.  It can save money, time, attract new clients, and provide our organization with a larger, more accessible footprint on the public learning landscape. We’ll discuss terminology, techniques, training faculty, and administrative support considerations.
Jeff Hino, Learning Technology Leader, Oregon State University Extension Service
Cub Kahn, Hybrid Course Initiative Coordinator, Oregon State University Center for Teaching & Learning


Jeff Hino


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Jul 31

Livestock First Aid and Safety

2:00 pm EDT

Injured animals and animals under stress react differently than they do in normal circumstances. If you don't work with livestock often, you may not completely understand how to keep yourself and animals safe in stressful situations, or how to provide first aid to injured animals.

Learn what to do from Scott Cotton, Wyoming Extension ANR Area Educator and Dr. John Duncan, Area Veterinary Medical Officer, USDA APHIS, during this 60-minute session. Andrea Higdon, Emergency Management System Director for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the University of Kentucky, will moderate. 


Scott Cotton, Andrea Higdon

Aug 05

Extension & The Maker Movement

2:00 pm EDT

We are at the beginning of the largest explosion of creativity and innovation the world has ever seen. The nature of making things is changing. Technology has begun to make creating easy enough that everyone can make. Easier access to knowledge, capital and markets is expanding the Maker Movement and cheap, powerful, and easy-to-use tools play an important role. 

As society advanced, many of the skills taught by Extension, such as sewing, resources, and blueprints for farm buildings, were considered less relevant and not taught as frequently. In addition to Extension reducing efforts in home economics and industrial arts, public schools have also lessened their efforts to teach "Shop and Home Economics." Today, however, a growing Maker Movement provides Extension an opportunity to engage with a new audience interested in many of the resource-rich topics Extension has already developed.



Paul Hill, Dave Francis

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