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Aug 21

One Water Partnerships: Innovative, inclusive, and integrated approaches to water resource management

3:00 pm EDT

Join us this month as we explore innovative, inclusive and integrated approaches to water resource management throughout the North Central Region. From Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Columbus, Ohio and beyond, tune in to hear how diverse stakeholders are coming together to discuss solutions and enhance water quality.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lorraine Winters Krzyzewski, Watershed Manager, Department of Public Utilities, City of Columbus
  • Michael Kuntz, Utilities Environmental Manager, City of Cedar Rapids
  • Deborah Bathke, Research Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln National Drought Mitigation Center & School of Natural Resources
Aug 26

Asian Jumping Worms: A Threat to Oregon Landscapes

1:00 pm EDT

Please use follow the 'location' link above to register for this webinar.

This webinar is part of the 2019 series of Advanced Training Webinars for Master Gardeners sponsored by Oregon State University Extension.

Have you heard about the Crazy Snake Worm here in Oregon? Also known as the Asian Jumping Worm (Amynthas spp.), it was first found in Oregon in 2016. This earthworm has been problematic on the east coast and Midwest, and could have negative impacts here in the Pacific Northwest.
Join OSU researchers, Dr. Sam Chan (OSU Sea Grant Extension) and Linda Tucker Serniak (OSU Environmental Sciences PhD student) for a presentation on the current status of the worms in Oregon and the US, how to identify them, and how gardeners can prevent the spread of this aggressive invader.

This presentation will be recorded.

Photo credit: Oregon Department of Agriculture


Sam Chan

Aug 26

Adaptation Resources for Agriculture: A tool for assisting agriculture producers in adapting to climate variability and change

2:00 pm EDT

Tune in to this month’s webinar and hear from Mike Wilson, Senior Scientist at NRCS and one of the authors of Adaptation Resources for Agriculture, a publication by the USDA Climate Hubs (USDA Hubs Publication). The workbook is designed to allow extension specialists, technical service providers, and others to guide producers through a five-step process to better understand the short and long-term impacts of climate on their production system and how they can meet their land management goals while considering climate variability.  Processes in this workbook are key to creating an open dialogue for discussing producer motivations and developing an action-based response. Mike will overview the purpose of the publication, how the workbook was developed, and the framework of actions that help agricultural communities prepare for changing conditions.


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