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Mar 27

Getting started with blueberries

7:00 pm EDT

Blueberries, Mark Longstroth, Michigan State University Extension

Monday, March 27, 2017, 7-9pm (all times ‘eastern time)

This webinar will provide a review of the current blueberry industry in Michigan, site selection, cultivar selection, cost of production and pest management basics.  Mark works with growers of all sizes and will offer valuable insights for small and start-up blueberry growers.


A fee of $10 is charged for this program. The series consists of 9 webinars on various topics. The fee for the 'full series' is $45 (1/2 of full price)

Mar 27

Cover Crops for Potato and Soybean Systems

7:00 pm EDT

Michigan State University Field Crops Webinar Series

Cover Crops for Potato and Soybean Systems, March 27, 2017, 7-8pm, Presenter: Dr. Erin Hill

Growers, consultants and agribusiness professionals are invited to participate in a series of
seven online programs addressing field crop production and pest management in 2017.
Participants will learn how to enhance their corn, soybean, small grain, forage and potato
production systems in the coming season, and have an opportunity to ask questions of MSU
agriculture experts. These live webinar programs can be viewed independently online.
Registration is $15.00 for the full series of seven webinars or $5.00 per individual webinar
session. One MDARD Pesticide Recertification Credit will be available through each event
for application to one of the following categories: Private Core, Commercial Core, or Field

Visit events.anr.msu.edu/FieldCropsWebinarSeries2017 to register and access connection information. 

Contact James DeDecker at (989) 734-2168 or dedecke5@msu.edu for more information.
Mar 28

How to manage solitary orchard bees for crop pollination

2:00 pm EDT

With the uncertainty of healthy honey bee hive availability and the high cost of hive rentals for crop pollination, an alternative or complementary bee, the blue orchard bee, is becoming more available and manageable for fruit and nut tree pollination.  This presentation will describe the life cycle of this North American solitary, cavity-nesting bee, and how it can be deployed for providing pollination services while also maintaining or increasing a managed pollinator population. To register for this free webinar click here.

Presenter bio: 
Theresa Pitts-Singer is a Research Entomologist. Pitts-Singer is part of the Integrated Crop Pollination Project leading efforts related to the use of non-Apis bees for crop pollination.  Her research team focuses on improving commercial-scale use and management of blue orchard bees (Osmia lignaria) and alfalfa leafcutting bees (Megachile rotundata), pollinators of fruit and nut trees and of alfalfa, respectively.  Working with private industry, Pitts-Singer patented a Bee Attractant to enhance blue orchard bee retention at artificial nest sites.  With California Almond Board funding, Pitts-Singer organized blue orchard bee workshops and was instrumental in creating the Orchard Bee Association. 


Theresa Pitts-Singer

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