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Feb 27

Introducing the New and Improved 60 Point Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard

1:00 pm EST

In this webinar, Heidi Kessler, Executive Director of the Smarter Lunchrooms National Office at Cornell University will introduce the new and improved Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard. The Smarter Lunchrooms Scorecard was originally released in 2013 and is used in thousands of schools across the country to measure improvements in the school nutrition environment. The Scorecard contains evidence based strategies to increase participation, increase consumption and decrease waste of healthy foods.

The NEW Scorecard has been updated from 100 points to 60 points for brevity and clarity. It has also been updated to include new research, new definitions, applicability to all grade levels, and has been reorganized into 8 sections with strategies listed in order of approximate difficulty.

Join Heidi for a walkthrough of the new Scorecard with tips for application and use as well as recommendations for shifting to this new version

Instructions for Joining:

Click the link above to join the webinar. Once you have entered the WebEx Room, select your preferred audio option. You may either join using your computer's audio or receive a call from the meeting to a mobile or landline phone. During the webinar your microphone will be disabled so that only the presenter and host will have speaking privileges.



Heidi Kessler

Feb 27

Managing target spot in cotton: results of a USDA NIFA-funded study

3:00 pm EST

Target spot, which is caused by the fungus Corynespora cassiicola, is an emerging disease in cotton in the Lower and Mid-South in the U.S. Phylogenetically, C. cassiicola isolates collected from cotton across the Lower South are distinct from those collected from other crops, particularly vegetables. This suggests that C. cassiicola isolates from cotton are either a recent introduction to the U.S. or has arisen from a mutation. Rainfall patterns along with variety selection and management inputs relating to yield potential influence the target spot risk in cotton. Greatest target spot-attributed defoliation and subsequent yield losses, which may exceed 300 pounds of lint per acre, have been recorded for an intensively managed, susceptible variety having a yield potential above 2.5 to 3 bales per acre.

Dr. Austin Hagan of Auburn University will discuss the results of a two-year study on developing integrated strategies for managing target spot in cotton. Topics that will be addressed in the webinar will include disease distribution, variety susceptibility and potential yield loss, efficacy of registered and candidate fungicides, fungicide application number, timing, methodology, and placement, as well as the influence of cotton cropping frequency, tillage practices, seeding rate, and planting date on disease development and cotton yield.

Presenter: Austin Hagan, Professor, Extension Plant Pathologist, Auburn University

Feb 27

Getting started with maple syrup

7:00 pm EST

Maple syrup, Bob and Sue Battel, Battel’s Sugar Bush

Monday, February 27, 2017 7-9pm eastern time

For those interested in entering the maple syrup business, this webinar will provide an overview of what it takes to produce and market quality maple products. Bob is an Michigan State University Extension field crops educator and operates Battel’s Sugar Bush with wife Sue and other family members as a private enterprise.


A fee of $10 is charged for this program. The series consists of 9 webinars on various topics. The fee for the 'full series' is $45 (1/2 of full price)

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