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Oct 27

Extension Behavior Change: Introduction to Social Marketing Principles for Extension

10:00 am EDT

Social marketing is a research-based approach to bringing about change, and while it holds a lot of value for UF/IFAS Extension, we have only minimally explored the potential of this approach to programming. Social marketing applies principles of traditional marketing to address complex issues and bring about change that benefits the extension client, their community, and/or the environment. For many, this is an important strategy to incorporate into existing educational activities, because many social marketing tools can increase our impact, and can be developed at no cost to the organization. This training will present social marketing as an approach to creating behavior change in Extension programming. The speakers will present participants with an overview of this approach, followed by a discussion of the role of this strategy within the Extension system. Tools from the "social marketing toolbox" will be discussed. Participants will play a role in planning for future trainings on this topic.

The goal is to increase awareness of an underused approach, encourage agents to incorporate the tools/principles of social marketing into their programs, and pursue some of our more in-depth trainings on social marketing. 


1.    Introduction of participants, speakers, and technology

2.    What is social marketing?

a.    Overview

b.    Behavior identification

c.    Audience Analysis

d.    Strategies for Behavior Change

e.    Pilot Testing

f.      Broad-scale implementation and Evaluation

3.    Discussion

4.    Posttest


Laura (Sanagorski) Warner

Oct 27

Project In Sight: The Joys and Challenges of Reintegration after Deployment

12:00 pm EDT


Military Service Providers: Do you want an opportunity to connect with other professionals? Then, Project In Sight is for YOU!



Before we meet up, you will be given materials on a specific topic to absorb in preparation for our discussion.


Join a private chat room with other military family service providers to reflect on helpful thoughts and strategies to ignite inspiring conversation.


Return to your workplace and maximize the support you are providing by applying the information gained.


Because we recognize the importance in connecting and learning from one another. We hope this provides you with a space to engage in beneficial conversations

During this particular AIM session, we will be discussing the topic of Reintegration after Deployment. You will be given some materials to view at the beginning of the session. We will then utilize the rest of the time as an opportunity to discuss the presented materials and topic in a closed, private, and confidential space.

How to Join

You may connect via the APAN Connect system or Ustream. For tech support for either system, email us at milfamln@gmail.com.

  • APAN Connect (direct interaction with presenters and audience)

    • To get the URL for the webinar, register in the grey box at the top-right of this page

    • Go mobile by viewing on the Adobe Connect app (Android & iPhone compatible)

    • If you cannot access APAN Connect, view via YouTube Live

  • YouTube Live (broadcast only, limited interaction)

Visit our How to Join page for full information on viewing options and troubleshooting tips.

Oct 27

Measuring the Long-Term Impact of Behavioral Interventions in School Cafeterias

2:00 pm EDT

A growing body of research demonstrates how low or no-cost behavioral interventions in school cafeterias, including those championed by the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement, nudge students to select and eat healthier lunches. Researchers commonly implement these interventions over short time horizons without follow-up data collection due to institutional or resource constraints. As a result, we do not know A) time points at which interventions begin to lose their effect, and B) whether or not interventions lead to lasting behavior change after the intervention is removed. The objective of this presentation is to inform practitioners of timelines that sustain beneficial behavioral effects of Smarter Lunchrooms interventions. We will present findings from two studies that were carried out in middle schools in a large metropolitan school district from January through April 2016.

Presenters: Drew Hanks, PhD; Haleigh Golub, MS, The Ohio State University

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar, attendees will be able to:
  1. Identify whether or not Smarter Lunchrooms Movement interventions lead to lasting behavior changes after the interventions are removed
  2.  Identify a point in time over the course of a school semester in which Smarter Lunchrooms Movement interventions begin to lose their effect and should be refreshed
  3. Identify resources for developing and refreshing Smarter Lunchrooms Interventions
Instructions for Joining:

Click the link above to join the webinar. Once you have entered the WebEx Room, select your preferred audio option. You may either join using your computer's audio or receive a call from the meeting to a mobile or landline phone. During the webinar your microphone will be disabled so that only the presenter and host will have speaking privileges.



Drew Hanks

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