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Dec 06

2019 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Reintroduction of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker

2:00 pm EST

The red-cockaded woodpecker has been the focus of conservation efforts for many years. Management of their nesting sites is extremely important for reproduction and longevity.  In this webinar, we will learn about the behavior, history, and management strategies to bring endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers back to the urban forest.  Mark Pavlosky Jr., of MPJ Wildlife Consulting LLC will talk about the successful project at Hitchcock Woods, one of the largest urban forests in the United States (South Carolina). 

Webinars are  moderated by Dr. Tim Davis, UGA Extension and Vicky Bertagnolli, Clemson Extension, and coordinated by  Dani Carroll, Alabama Extension.  The link to the event is https://auburn.zoom.us/j/615766171. Note: on April 5, the link to the live webinar opens about 15 minutes before the webinar. If you try to log in earlier, you will get an error message.

For more webinars in this series, see 2019 All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series.. The webinars are brought to you by the following eXtension Communities of Practice: Ant Pests, and Urban IPM; and by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Clemson Cooperative Extension and University of Georgia Extension.
Photo courtesy: USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station , USDA Forest Service, SRS, Bugwood.org

Dec 11

MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture Webinar: Meals on Wheels- Food Trucks, Pop-up Markets, Home Delivery

12:00 pm EST

12/11/19: Meals on Wheels- Food Trucks, Pop-up Markets, Home Delivery

Consumers are asking for convenience in their meal preparations, healthy foods but short wait times, and meals in a box delivered almost into their kitchen. How do the new models for marketing to these customers work? What are the advantages and disadvantages to these types of marketing outlets? Are any of these marketing models really profitable? Join us to look at these options, discover possible variations that might work with your marketing, and see examples of each type operating around the country.

Registration: https://2019wednesdaywebinars.eventbrite.com

For upcoming and archived webinars please visit: https://extension.umd.edu/womeninag/webinars



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Dec 12

Integrating & Sustaining Financial Capability Services in Rural Healthcare Delivery

3:00 pm EST

Although financial capability support services are available in many rural communities, financial education, coaching, and related programs are not well integrated into health systems. This project explores rural healthcare providers’ perspectives on screening patients for financial difficulties, as well the potential of sustaining these services. This project helps inform strategies to support financial capability service integration into rural health systems.

Presented by: Elizabeth Kiss is an Associate Professor and extension specialist in the School of Family Studies and Human Services at Kansas State University, and Suzanne Bartholomae, an Assistant Professor in the College of Human Sciences at Iowa State University.

To join the webinar go to http://ncrcrd.adobeconnect.com/ncrcrd1, “enter as a guest” is by default already chosen. Type your name into the text box provided, and click on “Enter Room”. You are now in the meeting room for the webinar.


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