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Jul 24

Transitioning from Gray to Green Infrastructure Using Urban Forestry

1:00 pm EDT

Depleted and degraded water resources are driving communities to look for integrated natural-engineered systems for managing stormwater. Natural and built environments can be reconfigured to restore hydrological and ecological functions, better support the water needs of the community, and help protect the health of people and the environment that sustains them.​ This program will introduce you to a free decision support tool, supported by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Committee, which guides you through this process.

Speaker: Robert Northrup - Extension Forester, University of Florida IFAS Extension

ISA and SAF credits applied for.

This webinar is part of the series, Understanding Urban and Community Forests: An Extension Webinar Series. To view all webinars in the series, click here https://sref.info/news/articles/2018-urban-community-forestry-webinar-series-for-extension-agents.

Image credit: Texas A&M University
Jul 24

eXtension Technologies--Looking to the Future

2:00 pm EDT

As eXtension grows the Impact Collaborative, it continues to offer technology that supports its members and the Cooperative Extension Service. We are upgrading our tools in ways that will ensure the future of content for communities of practice (CoPs), and provide CoPs greater flexibility and control of their content.  It also expands our services to other multi-institutional teams of Extension educators as well as ECOP projects which need a neutral web presence to communicate their work.  As eXtension has changed its focus toward the Impact Collaborative and equipping Extension educators to make a more visible and measurable local impact, the tools it provides to its members and to the Cooperative Extension Service are being upgraded for increased flexibility and efficiency.

During this webinar, we will not only address technical details of this upgrade and what CoPs might wish to do as part of it, but also plan to demonstrate a representative CoP website and what this web presence can contribute to the work of these teams.


Lawrence Lippke, Ben MacNeill, Jason Young, Mark Locklear


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Jul 25

Webinar: Farm Transition Taxes and Medicaid Estate Recovery

12:00 pm EDT

7/25/18: Farm Transition Taxes and Medicaid Estate Recovery

An overview of the new federal estate tax laws, and other related tax issues. Provide examples of how to determine if your farm estate could trigger federal estate tax limits and state's (Maryland and Delaware) gift, estate, and inheritance taxes. This includes what the cost of paying taxes might be or the cost of any income tax that may be paid if the farm is sold instead, and provide examples of legal tools that could be used to help prevent a high tax burden on farm estate heirs. Then, we will also discuss longterm healthcare and how to avoid the state's recovery for any healthcare assistance.

Registration: https://2018wednesdaywebinars.eventbrite.com

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