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Sep 20

Watershed Nutrient Inventories - Opportunities and Needs

2:30 pm EDT

Nutrient inventories and budgets are valuable tools that can guide decisions for both voluntary and mandatory nutrient management practices from farm to regional scale. Nutrient inventories of various scales provide different perspectives, and there are tradeoffs between scope and detail. This webinar will focus on nitrogen and phosphorus inventories at two watershed scales, and how manure nutrients are incorporated. The webinar will also discuss opportunities to continually improve both the calculation methods and application of the results.

An application for continuing education credit for Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and members of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS) will be submitted.
Presenters for this webinar include:
  • Erin Cortus, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Robert Sabo, US EPA
  • Dr. Mahmoud Sharara, North Carolina State University
Handouts (PDF format) will be available the day of the webinar at the live webinar information page.

Find out more about this webinar or future webinars by the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Community (LPELC).


Erin Cortus, Mahmoud Sharara

Sep 25

Bury Seeds, Not Stress Series: Youth & Farm Stress

10:00 am EDT

The stress that farmers face — stemming from issues like low commodity prices, injuries and debt — can carry over into their personal lives and families. As a result, youth may experience stress from their families' farm conditions. This webinar covers the warning signs of stress in youth, ways adults can support youth in stressful circumstances and techniques to reduce stress.

For more information on this webinar series visit: https://www.canr.msu.edu/managing_farm_stress/bury-seeds-not-stress



Karen Fifield

Sep 25

MidAtlantic Women in Agriculture Webinar: Managing Your Forested Farmland

12:00 pm EDT

9/25/19: Managing Your Forested Farmland

This webinar will outline how farmers can best profit from and maintain their forested acres. Learn about the Maryland forestry legal framework and how you can benefit from creating a forest conservation plan.

Registration: https://2019wednesdaywebinars.eventbrite.com

For upcoming and archived webinars please visit: https://extension.umd.edu/womeninag/webinars



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