LinkedIn - How you can build and leverage your network

LinkedIn - How you can build and leverage your network

LinkedIn is a Rolodex on steroids. LinkedIn does not only help you manage your connections and networks, you can also use it as a powerful learning tool. A LinkedIn network will stay current and travel with you throughout your journeys. As a network center piece, you can use LinkedIn in times of need as well as help others when they need it.

LinkedIn is a social network website that enables people to build and manage (mostly) business connections in order to discover jobs, ventures, new clients, etc. Unlike other social networking sites, its focus is business rather than social or entertainment. We will discuss how to make this work for you.

During this Webinar, see how you can build your network.

• How to set up a LinkedIn account that will grab the attention of others
• How to add connections correctly
• How to participate in your network community

The same Webinar will be offered on the following dates and times:

* Tuesday, 26 March at 11 am.

* Wednesday, 27 March at 11 am.

* Thursday, 28 March at 11 am.

These sessions will be held on Microsoft Lync.

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