What is Social Capital and Why Is It Important to 4-H?

Does the 4-H Youth Development Program foster social capital for participants and the community? This is the overarching research question that NCERA215 is exploring. Some theorists indicate that social capital is a significant indicator in the equation necessary for the positive development of children and youth. In addition, theorists and researchers have suggested that the presence of social capital is a predictor of community action and engagement, and therefore, community development. The multi-state project is examining these topics.

The 60 minute webinar will provide:
· Information on the concept of social capital;
· Information on the research methodology of the Multistate project, including initial analysis of survey data from a full-scale pilot program in California and a smaller pilot in Maine;
· An exploration of best practices.

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This project is a Multistate Education/Extension and Research Project, NCERA215, focused on examining the development of social capital within 4-H co-chaired by Richard Enfield, UC Davis, and Mary Emery, South Dakota State University.


Mary Emery, Suzanne Le Menestrel

Created by Beth Raney

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