Lighting for Health & Safety in Agricultural Settings

Humans perceive our environment predominantly through our sense of vision. Performing tasks that rely on vision necessitates light. Adopting an agriculture perspective, this presentation describes how light affects workers physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally, how lighting requirements vary according to the visual needs of the individual and the demands of the task, and how lighting can be used to optimize both health and productivity in the workplace. It considers light as a factor in depression, and describes how light affects people with visual disorders. Relevant standards and a practical approach to light measurement are outlined, and types of lighting compared. The goal of this one-hour webinar is to increase awareness of the importance of lighting to the design of healthy, safe, and accessible farm work, and to provide technical guidance on approaches to the identification and correction of lighting problems, particularly when assisting farm workers with visual problems. To register for this free webinar, click on the link in the event location and complete the registration by June 7. Instruction for accessing the session will be sent to registrants by Tuesday, June 11. Contact National AgrAbility at 1-800-825-4264 if you have questions.


Robert Stuthridge

Created by Linda Fetzer

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