Use of surveys in Extension for program development and evaluation

Online surveys are a useful tool for evaluating Extension work and for program development. This presentation, held as a Google+ Hangout ON Air, will discuss the way surveys can be used, the benefits of online surveys, pitfalls to avoid, and limitations

This presentation will also be the kick-off event for an informal learning community aimed at mastering the Qualtrics online survey software now in use by eXtension and other institutions. The informal learning session will be held between June 24 and July 17, 2013 within a Google+ community - detailed information and a link to sign up is at:

The presentation will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout On Air. Attendees can view and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page (link below in Event location) or on the Network Literacy CoP YouTube channel ( For more details on eXtension's use of Hangouts On Air see:



Michael Lambur, Sarah Baughman

Created by Stephen Judd

Primary Audience: Not Set