Food Value Analysis Database

The market place offers consumers a wide variety of choices of food for purchase and consumption. Helping consumers make wise food choices while taking into consideration budget constraints, time availability, food preparation skills, shelf-life, food safety concerns, and dietary recommendations is not an easy task. The Food Value Analysis tool was created to provide a way to compare a range of values for various forms of processed foods compared to foods prepared from a recipe in the home kitchen. The application provides a means to begin a discussion about trade-offs involved in making food choices across multiple dimensions. The tool allows you to compare the cost and nutritional value of home recipe foods to various other forms. For example, you can compare home recipe beef stew to canned beef stew or frozen broccoli to fresh broccoli.

The webinar will include:
• How the database was developed including sources for data
• How to use the database with consumers

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This webinar is intended for nutrition educators. No registration is required.

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The webinar will be recorded and the recording made available on the eXtension Learn Site.

Webinar is presented in partnership with the International Life Sciences Institute, Research Triangle Institute, NC State University, and the Families, Food, and Fitness CoP with eXtension


Carolyn Dunn

Created by Ashley Fondren