Getting to Know You (Again): Helping Young Children Adjust to the Return of a Military Parent

CE credit is not available for this webinar.

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This web conference will discuss the challenges of reintegration of a service member, and ways these changes can affect children's behavior. Come learn more about how child care providers can help children manage this important transition smoothly.

In this session, the presenters will discuss:
- the "big picture" of reintegration (e.g., stats on returning service members)
- the process and challenges of reintegrating into family life
- understanding reintegration from a young child's point of view and supporting the child during the transition
- strategies for supporting the relationship between parent and child

Dr. Rhonda Spearman:
In addition to her degrees in Education, with specializations in Early Childhood Development and Information Science, Rhonda also has "on the job training" in military family life. Rhonda, her husband, Chad, (a Sergeant serving in the Air National Guard), and their boys, age 7 and 4, have lived through two deployments and are currently getting to know each other again since Chad's return in May. Rhonda will share what she and her husband are learning about balancing everyone's needs as they adjust to being together again as a family, and how the staff at the children's school supports them through the process.

Dr. Tonia Durden:
Tonia is the co-project leader of the Childcare and Youth Training and Technical Assistant Project (CYTTAP) which focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of early care experiences for off-installation military children and families in thirteen pilot states. She is also the Early Childhood Extension Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this role Tonia provides expertise and leadership in creating research based early childhood programming and resources that support the healthy growth and development of young children.

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CE credit is not available for this webinar.

Created by Diane Bales