Interactivity in Online Trainings: Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Interactivity increases retention, communicates high expectations, and involves participants in the learning process. At the same time, it can be challenging to design online seminars with interactivity in mind. In this session we will provide 20 ideas for keeping your online audience engaged. We’ll also open the floor for discussion and gather ideas from the audience. By the end of the session, you will have a list of interactivity ideas to choose from when preparing your next academic class or professional development online seminar. (Note: Assumes use of web conferencing system for real-time online training seminars.)

We're happy to have Janet Sylvia, Digital Media Professional, OIT-CAES, University of Georgia, as our presenter!

Andy Crocker, TX
Ashley Fondren, Miss State
Becky Koch, NDSU
Chris Z, SDSU
Glenn Muske
Gretchen Hafing
Heather Gottke
Jacki, Penn State
Jamie Seger, Ohio State
Jessica Paulsen
Jim Lindstrom
Karen Jeannette
Kevin Gamble
Kurt H. Schindler, MSU Extension
Marissa Stone
Mark Light
Pete Flores
Rose Allen
Steve Hadcock
Steve Newman
Todd Hurt, UGA
Vince Verbeke
Bob Bertch, NDSU


Janet Sylvia

Created by Beth Raney

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