The Connectedness, Continuity, Dignity, and Opportunity (CCDO) Principles

The Connectedness, Continuity, Dignity, and Opportunity (CCDO) principles provide practitioners with a straightforward framework for practicing positive youth development with young people who are at risk. In this webinar, Dr. Seita shows how teachers, youth workers and parents to provide individually designed services by meeting the individual developmental needs of young people through the principles of CCDO.

CCDO is proactive, holistic and transcends time, context and personality because it is an unchanging set of core principles that guides our actions. CONNECTEDNESS: Strong, positive relationships with others; especially with one person. CONTINUITY: A sense of continuous belonging to a group, family or spiritual entity. DIGNITY: Respect and courtesy OPPORTUNITY: The chance to capitalize on one’s strength.

This webinar begins at 2:00 p.m. Pre-registration is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Please register at:

Presenter Bio:

With a doctorate from Western Michigan University, Dr. Seita serves on the faculty of the School of Social Work at Michigan State University where he also has appointments with MSU Extension/4-H and with the Michigan Agricultural Experimental Station.

Like few others, Dr. John Seita understands the challenges facing disconnected young people. Academically challenged students and youth who are in out of home settings, such as foster care, residential care and group care are his specialty.

Drawing upon his own leading-edge research and evidence-based best practice, Dr. Seita has studied how to effectively apply connecting and reclaiming strategies such as positive youth development and strength based approaches. Dr. Seita himself is a former youth at risk who beat the odds. He was removed from his mother's home at the age of eight and spent the remainder of his childhood and adolescence in multiple foster homes, detention facilities, group care settings and on the streets.


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