An Overview of Switchgrass Diseases; CenUSA Webinar

Presenter: Dr. Stephen Wegulo , Plant Pathologist, Iowa State University.

Host: Amy Kohmetschter, CenUSA* quarterly web seminar series: Sustainable Production and Distribution of Bioenergy for the Central USA.

Switchgrass has been identified as a potential biofuel species because it is a native species requiring minimal management and has a high potential to sequester carbon. As for any cultivated crop, diseases, insects, and weeds can be major constraints in switchgrass production. To date, not much research has been done on switchgrass diseases. Therefore, little is known about their etiology, epidemiology and impact on yield. This webinar will give an overview of switchgrass diseases. Among the diseases that will be discussed are Panicum mosaic caused by a virus and rust and leaf spots caused by fungi.

*Learn more about CenUSA at - CenUSA is an ambitious multi-state USDA research project investigating the creation of a Midwestern sustainable biofuels system; led by Iowa State University with Purdue University, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, University of Illinois, University of Vermont, and the USDA's Agricultural Research Service participating as project research partners.

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