Using Google+ Hangouts On Air for Educational Programming

This session will equip Extension professionals, Communities of Practice, and other educators with the knowledge necessary to host Google+ Hangouts on Air to deliver educational programming.

Google+ Hangouts On Air (HOA) are a compelling and free tool to deliver educational programming to a geographically disperse audience in an online environment. Like many webinar tools (e.g., Connect, Collaborate), HOAs allow for the broadcast of audio and visual information, presenting slides and applications through screensharing, and more. A Hangout On Air is broadcast as a live YouTube stream which can be embedded in any website, viewed on YouTube, or through a Google+ event created for the session. Because they are hosted by Google/YouTube they are able to handle a large number of viewers, the recordings are immediately available, and they can be grouped into specific channels.

Since HOAs were not originally designed for educational outreach, there are certain best practices to use them well. This session will discuss creating a Google+ Page, connecting it to a YouTube Channel, using HOA within a Google+ event, and more.

This session will be conducted as a Google+ Hangout On Air. Attendees can view and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page (link below) or on the Network Literacy CoP YouTube channel ( For more details on eXtension's use of Hangouts On Air see:


Stephen Judd

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