ICS Training is Offered...Where Does Extension Fit In?

The role of Extension in providing research-based education and information to communities and clientele is never more important or crucial than during or following an emergency or disaster. Even if we don't have an interest or background in disaster readiness, we don't get to opt out of disaster response and recovery. We're a key community resource.

Intended for Extension professionals, this one-hour webinar will provide you with a basic understanding of how the Incident Command System (ICS) and Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) operate and how Extension can contribute in a meaningful way to assist communities.

Presenters are EDEN delegates Linda Williams (MT) and Scott Cotton (NE). Julie Smith (VT) will moderate the webinar.

This free one-hour webinar is for Extension educators and specialists.
Please register at http://eden.lsu.edu/Conferences/SCAP/Registration/Registration.aspx. Use the drop down menu to select "ICS Training is Offered...Why, What, Where, Who, When."


Scott Cotton

Created by Virginia White


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