Webinar: Fire Adapted Communities-The Next Step in Wildfire Preparedness

There is more wildfire in our future. The trend is towards an increasing number of acres burned. The likelihood that people will be threatened by wildfire is growing. Unfortunately, many homeowners and their homes are not prepared to survive a wildfire. Do we ignore these trends and accept the consequences? Or, do we become proactive to minimize the impacts?

A new concept of creating Fire Adapted Communities (FAC) is starting to emerge as another solution for communities to consider. A FAC can survive a wildfire with little or no assistance from firefighters. During a wildfire, FACs can reduce the potential for loss of human life and injury, minimize damage to homes and infrastructure, and reduce firefighting costs.

To find out more on this new concept, and how you can incorporate this into your extension program, view this recorded webcast hosted by the Extension Wildfire Information Network or visit http://www.extension.org/pages/60687/fire-adapted-communities:-the-next-step-in-wildfire-preparedness.

If you have any questions, contact Jan Gonzales, eWIN Coordinator at jggonzales@ucdavis.edu.


Ed Smith

Created by Janis Gonzales