Webinar: Material and Design Considerations for Building in Wildfire Prone Areas

Home survival in wildfire prone areas depends on a combination of adequate vegetation management in the area surrounding your home (i.e., your “defensible space”) and choices regarding building materials and design decisions for the home or building. Steve Quarles has been actively involved in wildfire research and education regarding the performance of materials and building design issues. These issues will be the focus of this one hour webinar. Information provided during this webinar will be applicable to both new construction and retrofitting existing homes or buildings.

To find out more on this important and rarely discussed facet of wildfire prevention, and how you can incorporate this into your extension or other education program, view this recorded webcast hosted by the Extension Wildfire Information Network (eWIN) or see http://www.extension.org/pages/61093/material-and-design-considerations-for-building-in-wildfire-prone-areas.

If you have any questions, contact Jan Gonzales, eWIN Coordinator at jggonzales@ucdavis.edu.


Stephen Quarles

Created by Janis Gonzales

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