Youth, Technology, and Society: Keys of Successful Integration to Improve our Lives

Are you worried about what will happen to youth today when they grow up? Are you concerned that they are too reliant on technology? Do you wonder if the tradition of face-to-face communication will disappear as we rely more and more on Skype, texting, etc? Focusing on technology, youth, and society, this webinar will show that the key to successful integration of technology to our lives is not to consider technology as a replacement or even a supplement in our lives, but as a means to improve our quality of life. The webinar will offer several different ideas to make this happen.

Presenter Bio:

Yuya Kiuchi is an assistant professor in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. His area of research includes: African American Studies and History, Technology and Society Studies, and Popular Culture Studies.

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