Digital Risk and Safety for Children

As technology continues to grow and help us make and maintain interpersonal connections, increase workplace efficiency, explore the universe and the atom, it also contains the capacity to do irreparable harm to institutions, businesses, families, the environment and individuals. The speed of evolving technology sometimes outperforms our ability as individuals and a culture to appropriately assess the impacts such technology can have, before the harm is done.

The webinar will identify different areas of online risk to children and various potential safety measures and strategies adults can utilize to address that risk.

Nic Bottomley has been a probation officer and therapist with the 17th Circuit Court, Family Division beginning in 2001. He has held positions as community probation officer and consent calendar probation officer prior to his current position as therapist in the Adolescent Sexual Offender Treatment Program (ASOTP) since 2003. Nic also works providing assessment and treatment on an outpatient basis for adult male sexual offenders on contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections. Nic holds a clinical license as a Master’s Social Worker with the State of Michigan and is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).

Nic has presented at multiple conferences, agencies and classes including Community Mental Health, Grand Valley State University School of Criminal Justice, Wraparound, Michigan Conference on the MDT Response to Suspected Child Sexual Assault, the Joint Conference on Juvenile Services, Michigan Judicial Institute and The Systems of Care Conference. In addition, he has provided testimony to the State Senate Judiciary Committee on the potential impact of substantial compliance with the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act on juvenile offenders.


Lisa Bottomley

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