Extension Educational Resources for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Questions

Overview of Extension developed or vetted Affordable Care Act (ACA) publications, web-based resources etc.

Speakers include:

Mary Meehan-Strub / Caroline Gomez - Wisconsin
Roberta Riportella - Kansas
Roger Rennekamp - Oregon
Marissa Stone - eXtension resources
+ others

We will have the PowerPoint and PDF available during / after the webinar --

Link to full PowerPoint -- http://bitsy.eu/kpjc

LINK to Survey to evaluate and offer suggestions to future webinars


H. Marissa Stone, Donna Shanklin, Roger Rennekamp, Roberta Riportella

Created by Donna Shanklin


Visit http://www.extension.org/pages/68424/affordable-care-act#.Uhev_z8mxaw for answers to your ACA questions -- Use the Ask the Expert option and your question will be answered!

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over 4 years ago

Question re: Essential Benefits - For pediatric services, do we know the upper age limit?

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over 4 years ago

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