Military Caregivers: Commonalities & Differences Shed Light on Individuality

Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D.
Owner, MBP Consulting, LLC
Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Extension

Families play an integral role in today’s military, especially when a service member becomes wounded, ill or injured. The role of spouse, parent, grandparent or significant other changes as military families learn to care for their warrior and provide assistance as he or she adjusts to life with a disability. Each family caregiver is unique, as is their wounded service member and his or her condition. Even with these unique qualities there are some commonalities of military family caregivers, which provide professionals with knowledge about the caregiver’s needs.

In order to better understand military family caregivers, professionals can explore through questions what caregiver commonalities fit with each situation. By asking questions regarding the warrior and caregiver and then listening carefully, professionals will gain knowledge of the military family caregiver’s assets, challenges and needs. The webinar identifies questions to help professionals recognize the commonalities and differences of military family caregivers as they work with them.

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Good Down to Earth Webinar! I'm Charity Bowen, not Norma Munoz! The statistics were valuable, and explained in a simple enough context to share with caregivers of our military service members and the community! More informational webinars like these should be publicized to promote accurate up to date insight. Thank You!

Avatar_placeholder norma munoz

over 4 years ago

Charity I was reviewing the chat and saw that you requested some of our email addresses. My email address is aadrian @ extension dot org.

Thumb_anneweddingsquare Anne Adrian

over 4 years ago

Hi, Charity - Thank you for your kind words and for joining us yesterday. We were pleased with the turnout for the webinar and excited about the content Dr. Brintnall-Peterson shared. We have other webinars planned through the end of 2013 and will continue with more webinars in 2014. Please send an email to and she'll add you to our newsletter mailing list where we'll announce upcoming webinars.

Thumb_abcskydive Andy Crocker

over 4 years ago