You’ve Got 4-H Parents! Now What??

Parents play a big role in deciding how their children will spend their time, and that includes whether or not they’ll spend their time with 4-H. Once families engage with 4-H, the experience they have during their first year in the program is important for long-term participation. The first session of the 2013-2014 North Central Regional Volunteer e-Forum offers tips on keeping parents engaged in 4-H and building strong connections between parents, volunteers and youth. This program will be presented by Pat McGlaughlin, University of Illinois; Steve McKinley, Purdue University; and Mary Jo Williams, University of Missouri. The session will help volunteers explore a variety of strategies to increase positive parental support of local 4-H programs. As a result, parents will stay connected with their own children, recognize mutual expectation and responsibilities between parents and volunteers, and become caring adults for other youth. Volunteers are invited to tune into this session of the 2013-2014 NCRV e-Forum with local 4-H staff and other adult leaders on Monday, Nov. 18, 2013. The program can be viewed at at 8:00 p.m Eastern (7:00PM Central, and 6:00PM Mountain). Sessions will be 90 minutes in length. The NCRV e-Forum is a chance to watch presentations live, send questions to the experts and participate in discussions with adult leaders from around the region. Recordings will be housed both on and on the North Central Region Volunteer e-Forum website: For more information on this session and other parts of the 2013-2014 North Central Regional Volunteer e-Forum, contact Molly Frendo at or 517-432-7606.

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