Osteoarthritis, Joint Stress, and Injury Prevention in Livestock Production

Arthritis is the number one disability-causing disease in America, with nearly 50 million Americans having a diagnosis of at least one form of arthritis. Arthritis is an increasing concern for farmers and ranchers. The occupational risks associated with raising livestock are numerous, and many are relevant to the topic of osteoarthritis pain and decreased functionality. In addition, the National AgrAbility Project reported the top-ranked enterprise among AgrAbility clients to be livestock production (25.6%) and the top-ranked disability to be arthritis (12.5%). The goal of this one-hour webinar is to provide an overview of the tasks related to livestock production and to show the relationship between arthritis pain management and those tasks.

Topics include:
• Arthritis limitations and barriers
• Sources of joint stress and/or injury common in livestock production
• Ergonomics and mobility issues
• Examples pain management/control options and assistive technology solutions

Our Presenter: Amber D. Wolfe joined the National AgrAbility Project in 2009 as the AgrAbility project coordinator for the Arthritis Foundation. As such, she serves as a national resource for rural arthritis issues, particularly those related to agriculture. Amber provides training to professionals and consumers via rural arthritis workshops and also assists in developing resources related to rural arthritis.

A question & answer period will follow the presentation.
To participate in this free webinar, click here to access the online registration form by Thursday, November 14. Instructions for accessing the session will be sent to registrants by Monday, November 18. Please pass on this invitation to others you believe may be interested. Contact AgrAbility at 800-825-4264 or email agrability@agrability.org if you have questions.

Created by Linda Fetzer