Citizen Science: Engaging the Community and Impacting Decision Makers

How do public officials, and individuals, make decisions? How do you make decisions? It isn't always the factual, logical information that results in your decision. Our heart and emotions are called into play, as well as our values and sense of ethics. The stories we tell, the pictures we paint, how we frame the issue, and the words and body language we use are key to influencing the decision making of others. This webinar focuses on how we make deicsions, and how we as young citizen scientists and youth organizations can improve our communications with decision makers, neighbors, friends and community to influence the decisions they are making. We will focus on what the research tells us, and strategies youth and adults can use to be more effective in working with decision makers. We hope these strategies will increase the role of science, especially the science work that is done by and with youth, in the making of these decisions.


Trudy Dunham, Jay Staker

Created by Trudy Dunham

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