What's On? How To Create & Curate Engaging Content!

Hoped your important videos had more views? Wondered why your organization's portal is full of poorly lit videos with bad audio? Wished you knew how to create quality video that colleagues want to watch? Tune-in to the first “What’s On?” Kaltura Inspire Webinar. Join Jordan Berman, Founder & CEO of OFC: The Office Engagement Network, and David P. Kronmiller, Host and Creator of our newly launched web series, “I Went To Film School So You Don't Have To", in an entertaining webinar that demystifies the creation and curation of compelling content that delivers your message on budget. Learn essential strategies in video programming and production as well as practical tips and tricks that are easy to implement and will go a long way. Because hope is not a method! Panelists: Jordan Berman, Founder & CEO, OFC "The Office Engagement Network" David P. Kronmiller, Host and Creator, “I Went To Film School So You Don't Have To" Zohar Babin, Director of Community, Kaltura Pre-registration is required. Go to http://bit.ly/178RFva to register and see additional details.

Created by Lawrence Lippke

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