All Bugs Good and Bad Webinar Series: Are Those Itsy Bitsy Spiders Good or Bad?

People list spiders as one of their greatest fears.  Let's talk about the benefits that spiders provide and how we can harness their usefulness -- how they fit into IPM plans.  If we can't learn to love them, can we at least learn to tolerate them? This webinar will be presented by Dr. Nancy Hinkle, a Professor in the Department of Entomology at the University of Georgia. Moderated by Charles Pinkston, Regional Extension Agent, Alabama Cooperative Extension System.  Click here to login as a guest and participate in the live event.  For more webinars in this series, see All Bugs Good and Bad 2014 Webinar Series. The webinars are brought to you by the following eXtension Communities of Practice: Imported Fire Ants, Urban IPM, Bee HealthInvasive Species and Gardens and Landscapes;  and by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Photo Credit: Sturgis McKeever, Georgia Southern University,

Created by Kathy Flanders