Microsoft 2010 Excel - Working with data tables

Microsoft 2010 Excel - Working with data tables

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly.  This presentation will build on the basics of Excel presented previously. Excel has the ability to hold over 1 million records on a single worksheet. This presentation will help you manage the data you enter. You will learn how to control information presented as well as sort and filter information to suit your needs. 

During this Webinar, see how you can use basic features of Microsoft Excel.

• How to create a data table
• How to add content to data tables to include using Excel forms
• How to import external data
• How to sort and filter data
• How to control the look and feel of data tables and ranges
• How to create a basic pivot table
• How to merge data tables into Word documents or Outlook Email messages

This session will be held using Google+ Hangouts on Air.


Stan Skrabut

Created by Stan Skrabut

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