Microsoft 2010 Excel - Working with Ranges, Lookup Tables, and Text

Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly.  This presentation will build on the basics of Excel tables presented previously. By naming tables and ranges, you can simplify formulas as well as conduct amazing look-up capabilities. This presentation will show you how to pull data from ranges. This presentation will also show you how to manipulate text.

During this Webinar, see how you can use basic features of Microsoft Excel.

• How to use relative and absolute cell references.
• How to rapidly calculate sums or averages of entire columns
• How to calculate across multiple worksheets
• How to add analysis and find formulas on a worksheet
• How to name ranges and tables
• How to look-up data in a table or range
• How to manage text data

This session will be held using Google+ Hangouts on Air.


Stan Skrabut

Created by Stan Skrabut

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