Involving Middle School Students in Smarter Lunchroom Design

Natalie Tauzin RD, MPH (SRHD) and Kai Swan (UW graduate) will discuss how student and staff input and engagement activities were used to promote fruits and vegetables in the school cafeteria though implementation of a Smarter Lunchrooms Makeover.  They will also share struggles, successes and lessons learned regarding the practical application of the Smarter Lunchroom concepts in a real-world setting.  Tools will be shared for conducting taste tests, surveys and focus groups, collecting stories from cafeteria managers, using positive messaging cues, and the process for doing a waste test.     

Spokane Regional Health District (SRHD) in Washington State partnered with Spokane Public Schools, graduate students (University of Washington, University of Idaho and WSU) and Washington State University to conduct a Smarter Lunchroom make-over starting in January 2013.  The pilot is scheduled to end in May 2014.  The initial steps of the program included forming a stakeholder group, creating a work plan, and conducting a baseline assessment.  

 By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

·         Engage middle school students and cafeteria staff in a Smarter Lunchroom makeover.

·         Use tools for implementing, promoting and evaluating a Smarter Lunchroom makeover.


Natalie Tauzin

Created by Katherine Baildon

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