Smart Choice Health Insurance

Smart Choice Health Insurance

Please join us for this informative and interactive webinar as the University of Maryland Health Insurance Literacy Initiative presents the findings from the Smart Choice Health Insurance project.


  • Bonnie Braun, PhD--Co-leader 
  • Lynn Little, M.S.--Co-leader 
  • Michelle Rodgers, Associate Dean and Director of Cooperative Extension and Outreach
  • Teresa McCoy, MPA--Lead Evaluator
  • Amanda Ginter,PHD--Data Analyst and Coordinator

  • Explore the research and theoretical framework behind Smart Choice.
  • Opportunity, challenge and relevancy of Smart Choice for Extension.
  • Content of consumer workshops.
  • Data from the 6-month, multi-state pilot test of Smart Choice.

  • Opinions about the value of Smart Choice in positioning Extension

Learn about:
  • Additional program components under development
  • Certified Educator Workshops scheduled for July, 2014
  • Resources like the Smart Choice website; @AskHealthLit; FAQ; Briefs
  • Contact information

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Links for additional information:

February 28 introduction to Smart Choice Data
February 28 What is Correlation

We are looking forward to seeing you online!


Lynn Little, Bonnie Braun, Teresa McCoy, Michelle Rodgers

Created by Donna Shanklin

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