Moodle Meet-Up (February 2014)

This informal "meet-up" is targeted to those involved in teaching online courses through eXtension's Moodle platform at The purpose of this meet-up is to provide a forum through which participants can share online education successes or to ask questions of each other and the eXtension Moodle help desk team. The help desk team will also provide any relevant updates about the Moodle application and provide suggestions for various approaches teachers might consider in their courses.

This webinar is being presented through Saba Centra.  Please test your system prior to the session using this test link.  Audio for this session will be handled by VoIP, so you can hear the presentation over your computer speakers. If you wish to speak to the other participants, it is suggested that you have a computer microphone as well.


Lawrence Lippke, Susanna Coppernoll, Caitlyn Calvert, Jennifer Chilek

Created by Lawrence Lippke

Primary Audience: Not Set