Fact or Fiction? Public perceptions and realities of Florida’s water supply and quality

Join us to hear Alexa Lamm discuss key findings and new results from this year’s public opinion survey on water quality and quantity including public perception of the Florida and Georgia ‘water wars’ as well as peoples’ willingness to pay to ensure future water availability.  Next, Wendy Graham will take a closer look at a few of the topics addressed in the survey and fill some apparent knowledge gaps including the source and quality of Floridian’s tap water, the quality of Florida’s natural water bodies, and the regulatory programs designed to protect them including total maximum daily loads, basin management action plans and best management practices.  Examining the intersection of public perceptions and the best science can be insightful in guiding the development of community education initiatives on the topic.

Speakers:  Alexa Lamm, Associate Professor and Associate Director, Center for Public Issues Education in Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Wendy Graham, Carl S. Swisher Eminent Scholar, Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering, University of Florida and Director of the UF Water Institute.


Alexa Lamm

Created by Nicole Dodds

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