Expediting the Commercialization of Biobased Products...

Mr. Hall is the Director of OBIC, a Bioproducts Innovation Center at The Ohio State University. This presentation will discuss a unique cluster development strategy that brings together stakeholders from across the biobased product supply chain. Companies and other interested groups (research centers, economic development organizations, commodity groups, etc.) can participate in this initiative via the OBIC Bioproduct Network and Bioproducts World 2014 Showcase and Conference.

Mr. Hall has been with OBIC since its creation in 2005 and assisted over 60 OBIC collaborators in securing $100+ million in supplemental funding to accelerate research and commercialization activities. OBIC acts as a cluster development agent to connect industrial collaborators across a biobased supply chain, “Cell to Sell” Innovation Pipeline. In 2012, OBIC created a bioproduct network that provides an efficient vehicle for information exchange and business development. In addition to cluster stewardship and the bioproduct network, OBIC has a strategic interest in identifying biobased feedstocks that are both competitively priced and consolidated to satisfy industrial-scale users.

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This webinar is sponsored by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development

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