Preparing Caregivers to Communicate Effectively Using Three Types of Communication Skills

Caregivers communicate with a variety of individuals including, health care professionals, family members, military professionals, and their wounded warriors, throughout their caregiver journey. Many times though, professionals and caregivers conversations can go astray, resulting in misunderstanding and ultimately hindering the relationship between the two parties. During this webinar, the presenter will identify three types of communication skills that will change the way professionals and caregivers have communicated in the past.

Presentation Objectives:

  • Distinguish the differences between the communication skills of “I messages”, Assertive, and Aikido and the types of situations they are best used in. 
  • Identify caregiver situations where professionals could use one of the communication styles.
  • Prepare to use one of the communication skills. 


Mary Brintnall-Peterson, Ph.D. 
Owner, MBP Consulting, LLC 
Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Extension

How to Join the Webinar: 

Created by Rachel Brauner