Question Wranglers' Meetup - March 2014

For March, the eXtension's Question Wranglers will meet at the National eXtension Conference in Sacramento for those are attend the conference, and also in Google+ Hangout for those who want to join from afar. 

The Question Wranglers are the key group that keeps Ask an Expert alive! We need Question Wranglers from each state and subject matter to help get the incoming questions assigned to someone who will answer. Ask an Expert is one way State and Local Value Enhancement is operationalized within eXtension. Come and share your ideas, questions, and strategies for Question Wrangling with the others. This will be an opportunity to meet other Question Wranglers to discuss, share and get ideas to use!

Each monthly meetup is an opportunity for Question Wranglers who help wrangle/reassign questions submitted via Ask an Expert by the public, to get familiar with your role and the tools available to make it easier, ask questions, and share experiences & tips. (for eXtension Question Wranglers).

Have specific topics or questions you'd like to have discussion around? Type it in the "Add your thoughts..." section before the Meetup, or mention it when you join!

We typically hold monthly Question Wrangler Meetups on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Join the eXtension Question Wrangler community
This event at the NeXConf 2014 will also be conducted as a Google+ Hangout. Attendees can join and participate in the conversation on the Google+ Event page or on the eXtension Ask an Expert YouTube channel  


Beth Raney, Jeff Hino, Frank Wideman

Event Materials

Created by Beth Raney

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