INNOVATIONS IN AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT WEBINAR: Increasing production efficiency through reproductive management

Dr. Funston will discuss the importance of having a high percentage of beef calves born early in “your” calving season, whenever that is. This event, coupled with overall reproductive rate, is a major economic driver in cow / calf operations and has a profound impact on the profitability of any beef cattle operation. Many producers do not have the capital to increase land resources. Learn how calving distribution can impact output from any ranch operation and factors that influence when cows and heifers conceive during the breeding season.

Rick Funston is a Professor and Reproductive Physiologist at the University of Nebraska. His research on lighter heifer development is receiving national attention and adoption. His research on fetal programming effects on postnatal calf performance including carcass characteristics and reproduction has received national and international recognition and he is a team member of nationally recognized beef systems research. He provides leadership and expertise for education programs in cow-calf production management for the West Central District and statewide expertise in beef reproductive management programs.

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