Winter care of backyard poultry flocks

Fall is the time to prepare your flocks and coops for the toils of winter. Dr. Brigid McCrea from Delaware State University will cover the activities that are recommended for such preparations.  Whether this is your first or fortieth flock, take the time to learn about changes to your management and biosecurity routines so that your flock stays happy and healthy all winter long. 


Brigid McCrea

Created by Jacquie Jacob


This was a great session. There are so many opinions about how to best protect birds in the winter. I'm in Minnesota and many say insulation isn't critical, but that keeping it dry is! I guess there were some differing opinions here that were super helpful. Being able to type questions along the was was great as well. Very knowledgable and helpful speakers with truly useful resources, like where to find things that were mentioned, though I didn't sense a commercial bias at all.

Avatar_placeholder Jonathan Kirsch

over 3 years ago

I tried to join tonight but it wouldn't work for me. Looking forward to the upload so I can listen. Thanks!

Avatar_placeholder Michelle Whitney Chlan

over 3 years ago

Looking forward to this. I am a new chicken 'mama' with 4 ladies that are just starting to lay. We have a 'summer coop' uninsulated prefab from the farm store. We need to know a lot!

Avatar_placeholder Kristi Cooper

over 3 years ago

I"m so glad you're having this. I just started my first BYC. I have 3. Their coop is adequate in size. It's insulated and paneled. We get some cold temps here in northern Indiana sometimes. I have an excellent 'go to' person. She has a much larger flock.

Thumb_2007-09-20_16.39.33 Annie Tadpole

over 3 years ago

Sign me up! 

Avatar_placeholder Kristy Scott

over 3 years ago

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