Building Rural Resiliency: Who Should Help? What Should They Do?

Despite the importance of rural and agricultural resiliency, few local emergency planning committees include agricultural expertise and organizations. Rural and agricultural resources and capabilities should be cataloged to assist in planning, mitigating, responding to, and recovering from disasters. Thus, a research study was conducted to describe the perceptions of two groups of professionals, one agriculture-focused and the other disaster-focused, regarding organizations that should be involved in the phases of disasters impacting rural areas and agricultural businesses. 

The number and range of organizations identified by the experts demonstrates a wealth of potential social capital within communities. The list of organizations and roles that resulted from this study provides a foundation for decision-makers to examine the organizations involved in their communities, with the goal of strengthening the networks that support disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery activities. Stronger networks during each disaster phase will in turn lead to increased community resiliency. 
Dr. Amy Dronberger, Oklahoma State University will discuss her findings during this 60-minute session. It is open to anyone, and may be of special interest to local governments and agencies involved in emergency operations planning, and to EDEN members.

The webinar will be moderated by Beverly Maltsberger, a professional and community development specialist at University of Missouri Extension.  Please register for this free webinar at Choose "Building Rural Resiliency: Who Should Help? What Should They Do?" from the drop down menu.

Webinar sponsored by eXtension and coordinated by the EDEN CoP.


Amy Dronberger, Beverly Maltsberger

Created by Virginia White

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