CES Budget Social Media Strategy - Update Web Conference

Cooperative Extension has launched a social media strategy to address proposed Congressional Budget cuts to Smith-Lever funding.

This web conference will update all eXtension ID holders on the process, provide evaluation data, and offer suggestions for further educational efforts.

The agenda will feature:
* Jane Schuchardt (Cooperative Extension): Introductions, observations and ongoing activities
* Anne Adrian (eXtension): Observations, lessons learned, and next steps
* James Wade (APLU): Engaging constituents
* Michael Lambur (eXtension): Metrics

To Participate:

No registration necessary.
1. Five (5) minutes before the announced time of a session, go to the "View and Participate" link below.
2. Enter as a Guest.
3. When prompted, enter your name followed by your institution. (ex: Beth Raney, Penn State)
* You will use your computer speakers for the audio portion of the session, and may provide questions and comments via the chat pod.
We look forward to having you join us!


James Wade, Anne Adrian, Jane Schuchardt, Michael Lambur

Created by Terry Meisenbach