News You Can Use: Steps to Generating Statistics for Positive School Meal PR

Evaluation is important for determining whether a policy or change is effective. In this webinar, Drew will walk participants through the steps for designing and carrying out a controlled study. This will include identifying the appropriate research question, determining when the study should occur, what data need to be collected, and who should be involved. Drew will then demonstrate how a basic analysis can be utilized to analyze the collected data. Most importantly, Drew will demonstrate how the result can be turned into a positive PR statement that highlights the change or policy that was implemented.

Key Objectives:
1. Identify the key question you wish to answer
2. List the data necessary to answer the question
3. Conduct a basic analysis of the data or identify individuals you can rely on.
4. Turn the result into a PR statement

Drew Hanks, MS,PhD. As the research director for the Cornell B.E.N. Center Drew handles all experiment design, analysis, and reporting. In 2011 he received his MS in statistics and PhD in economics with an emphasis in behavioral methods.


Drew Hanks

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