Webinar: Wildlife Control Training for Master Gardeners

This WDM training manual for Master Gardener volunteers provides methods for managing wildlife damage, based on applied research, for a variety of different species.  We recommend the latest control techniques within a framework of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We offer strategies for a variety of situations and species, and believe this manual has the following advantages:

  1. suitable for any state in North America,
  2. recognizes the diversity of activities and complex decisions involved with managing problem wildlife,
  3. organized so that readers can find information quickly, and
  4. encourages feedback from readers with the goal of improving the program.
Program will be recorded and no prior registration is required. Everyone with an interest in helping people resolve wildlife damage problems in a responsible manner are welcomed.

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To obtain a print copy of the species manual visit

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Stephen M. Vantassel, Raj Smith

Created by Stephen M. Vantassel

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