Effects of Visible & Invisible Parent Combat Injuries on Military Families

This webinar will review the research literature on optimal child and family development and barriers to this optimal functioning.  Drawing from both the civilian and the military literature, the presenters will provide guidance on what sets the stage for successful family functioning, how military life can interrupt these processes, and what families can do to safeguard against risks. It is well documented that military life presents risks to mental and family health. 

Both visible and invisible injuries affect the climate of the family and every member.  The presenters will provide practical suggestions for families to successfully negotiate key developmental milestones, in spite of stressful circumstances caused by war injury.


Adrian Blow, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor and Program Director
Couple and Family Therapy Program
Michigan State University

Hiram Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, University Outreach
University Distinguished Professor, Psychology
Michigan State University

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Created by Rachel Brauner