How to Run Meetings that Don’t Leave Introverts Out

In our fast-paced culture, many of our meetings and workshops are designed for Extraverts. Thinking out loud is encouraged; participation is equated with talking. Those who speak up first are more likely to be seen and treated as leaders. But roughly half of us are not Extraverts. How can we do our best thinking and make the best decisions if we leave half of us out? When you facilitate meetings, what processes include everyone? Join us to explore this topic, understand its importance, and leave with tips and techniques that don’t privilege Extraverts and do welcome Introverts. 

Join Kat Morgan, of Trident United Way in Charleston, South Carolina, as we explore strategies to make our meetings and workshops more inclusive.

Kat Morgan, MSW, MSOD, is an organization development consultant and learning professional. She has worked exclusively in the nonprofit sector and is passionate about building the capacity of organizations, staff, volunteers, and Boards. An experienced facilitator of face-to-face and virtual meetings, teams, and workshops, she designs interactive and engaging processes. She currently works at Trident United Way in Charleston, South Carolina, where she focuses on strategic volunteer engagement. 


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