Competition For Land Use: Why would the rational producer grow switchgrass for biofuel?

Presenter: Keri Jacobs, Iowa State University
Host: Amy Kohmetschter, CenUSA*
quarterly web seminar series: Sustainable Production and Distribution of Bioenergy for the Central USA

This presentation considers the current economics of switchgrass production in the Central United States and the fundamental challenges and opportunities that exist. Insight from producers surveys on the market conditions for perennial grasses and implications for market development are discussed.  Program options for dovetailing perennial grass production with existing conservation programs is also presented.

Dr. Jacob’s fields of interest are in Agricultural production economics, land use decisions, and agricultural policy.  She is an assistant professor at Iowa State University.

*Learn more about CenUSA at - CenUSA is an ambitious multi-state USDA research project investigating the creation of a Midwestern sustainable biofuels system.

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