Caregiver Compassion Fatigue

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The negative impact of traumatic events can extend beyond those who directly experienced the trauma to family members and professionals who support the traumatized individual.  As such, military family caregivers are prime at risk for a phenomenon called compassion fatigue or secondary traumatic stress. The experience of compassion fatigue can lead to impairment in social and occupational functioning. In this presentation Dr. Bride will introduce attendees to the concept of compassion fatigue, describe the symptoms of compassion fatigue, and discuss strategies to minimize the negative impact of compassion fatigue.


Brian Bride, Ph.D., MSW, MPH
Professor & Ph.D. Program Director
School of Social Work
The University of Georgia

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I have spent 30 minutes trying to connect to the webinar. What a nightmare. In the future, streamline this process and make sure your directions work because they do not.

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Toby, I'm sorry you are had trouble attending. Please feel free to email us at and we can contact you (by phone or email) so you access the webinar via our DCO system.  

 Some computers are easier to set-up with DCO security certificates than others.

That is also why we provide an additional option -- viewing via Ustream. If your access is not blocked to Ustream site, you should simply be able to attend our live webinars just by going to the URL

As of today, you should be able to view the recording via YouTube

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