Caregiver Identity Discrepancy & Implications for Practice

Participants will be introduced to basic tenants of the Caregiver Identity Theory and implications of the theory for understanding the caregiving experience and its impact on caregivers. A center piece of this perspective is the assertion that the caregiving role is not a new role, but rather a transformation of an existing role. Participants will learn about five phases of caregiving and identity discrepancy which many caregivers experience as they move between phases. The implications of this perspective for strategically intervening to support caregivers will also be discussed. 


Rhonda J.V. Montgomery, PhD
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Tailored Care, LLC
Mequon, WI
Emeritus Professor in the School of Social Welfare
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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*The cover photo image [in search of identity] by Riccardo Romano is licensed under Creative Commons

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