Cliffs Notes from the Journal of Financial Counseling & Planning

Many financial practitioners do not take the time to read research journals, let alone apply the findings of personal finance studies to their work.  This 90-minute webinar will address this concern head on. It will begin with participants sharing some of the most memorable personal finance research studies that they recall and specific ways that they have put research findings into practice with clients or students. It will then present a summary of research findings on a wide variety of personal finance topics including saving, investing, credit, cash flow management, purchase of a home, planning for retirement, and managing money in retirement. The source of the webinar content will be studies published in the Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning during the past decade. Even more importantly than the research summaries, however, will be the discussion of actionable implications for financial practitioners; i.e., the “so what?” of published studies.  Every study that is mentioned in the webinar will be presented in “split screen” format with one side of each slide briefly describing a study and the other listing specific implications for practitioners. The webinar will conclude with a consolidated list of action steps and online resources. Participant interaction will include answering some of the same questions that researchers have posed in their published studies.

1.5 CEUs available for AFC-credentialed participants.  More information about this process is available here. 

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Dr. Barbara O’Neill, financial resource management specialist for Rutgers Cooperative Extension, has been a professor, financial educator, and author for 35 years. She has written over 1,500 consumer newspaper articles and over 125 articles for academic journals, conference proceedings, and other professional publications.  She is a certified financial planner (CFP®), chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC®), accredited financial counselor (AFC), certified housing counselor (CHC), and certified financial educator (CFEd). Dr. O’Neill served as president of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education and is the author of two trade books, Saving on a Shoestring andInvesting on a Shoestring, and co-author of  Investing For Your Future,Money Talk: A Financial Guide for Women, and Small Steps to Health and Wealth.  She earned a Ph.D. in family financial management from Virginia Tech and received over three dozen awards for professional achievements and over $900,000 in funding for financial education programs and research.

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