Homeowners’ Preferences for Landscaping Practices: Are Floridians Willing to Pay More for Eco-Friendly Lawn Fertilizers?

While there are socio-economic benefits associated with green urban landscapes, improper landscaping (e.g., excessive fertilization) may result in adverse environmental consequences, such as chemicals runoff into water resources.  A recent study conducted by one of the researchers at the UF Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology investigates whether the presence of eco-friendly attributes influences consumers’ preferences for lawn fertilizers.  Results showed that homeowners were willing to pay price premiums for fertilizers featured with eco-friendly attributes (i.e., controlled‑release nitrogen, phosphorus‑free, natural/organic).  Summary results of the homeowners’ survey in Florida will be presented to the participants of this webinar, along with discussion about the promotion of sustainable landscaping practices as viable alternative to strict policies, such as summer fertilizer ban. 

Created by Emily Eubanks