Teachers, start your mapping! Free online GIS in the classroom from Esri and ConnectEd

GIS is a powerful, but underused teaching tool

Geographic Information System (GIS) has long been seen as a powerful way to engage students in spatial thinking and get them involved in real-world, inquiry-based projects. In spite of the incredible teaching potential of GIS, many roadblocks have prevented the widespread use of this technology in classrooms, including the cost to license software, the headaches involved in managing desktop programs in a school environment, and the steep learning curve associated with using such a complex mapping tool.

ArcGIS Online is now free for all schools in the US

The White House made an announcement in May 2014 that has the potential to change the equation for the use of mapping in K-12 classrooms across the United States. Through the ConnectEd initiative, one of the world’s leading GIS companies, Esri, announced that the full power of their ArcGIS Online mapping platform would be freely available to any K-12 school throughout the country.

Not only does ArcGIS Online provide relatively simple tools for the creation of online maps, but students can use the website to build slick-looking “web apps”, present map data in compelling ways, collect data in the field using mobile apps, and conduct spatial analysis, all without requiring any previous programming or GIS experience. The combination of these mapping features have never before been available to schools in an integrated, online platform, let alone for free.

Learn how online GIS can be used in your school

This webinar will provide basic information on the potential use of ArcGIS Online in the classroom and will review details of the how K-12 schools in the United States can get access to ArcGIS Online through Esri’s participation in ConnectEd initiative. Come to learn more about this wonderful opportunity and bring your ideas and questions about how the use of online GIS can transform your school!

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This webinar is brought to you by UNH Cooperative Extension, Vermont Center for Geographic Information (VCGI), NH GRANIT and NH Space Grant.


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