August meeting of the Small and backyard flocks CoP

The monthly meeting of the small and backyard flocks Community of Practice members was held on Thursday, August 7 (first Thursday of the month) at 3:30 PM Eastern Time.

Points discussed:
1. Google analytics
We are currently getting almost 20,000 users each month coming to the small and backyard flocks website.

2. Future webinars.
Topics suggested included:
Late October - Home processing of poultry (Person from Penn State)
Early November - Housing considerations for laying hens (perhaps Phil Clauer from Penn State)
Early December - Coaching an avian bowl team (Brigid McCrea from Delaware State)
Timing: We decided to go with a 4 PM Eastern Time webinar in an effort to get more county agents involved.

3. Follow up on webinars to get feedback for evaluations
Follow up surveys added to the learn website for those watching the recording are not effective with very few people taking the time to complete a survey.
Recommendation from Robin who was assisting with the webinar - include a link to a qualtric survey at the end of the powerpoint. The links are active during the webinar as well as during the recording for those watching it later. We need to have a set of questions ready to include in the webinar before the start of the webinar itself.

4. Getting more people involved in webinars?
Suggestion that we make postcards that can be distributed to feed stores to advertise particular webinars - with QR codes used for each webinar so they can look it up directly.

5. YouTube videos
We can look at some YouTube videos already available online related to hands-on types of activities related to small and backyard flocks and select those that would be appropriate for inclusion in the website.
Look at developing other 'how-to' YouTube videos for the website.

6. Logic model
The current logic model used for the CoP will be distributed to membership to get feedback and ideas for evaluating outcomes.

Created by Jacquie Jacob


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