Coaching a 4-H Avian Bowl team

Avian bowl is a double elimination contest for 4-H state teams patterned after other knowledge bowls. Contestants must have a comprehensive knowledge of subject matter for several species of poultry, food safety, physiology, nutrition, eggs, and other related subjects. Dr. Brigid McCrea will be discussing the mechanics of an avian bowl contest - and some techniques for training an avian bowl team.


Brigid McCrea

Created by Jacquie Jacob

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Too bad audience was so small.  I will be addressing 20 4-H participants this Saturday who have indicated they are interested in Avian Bowl, Poultry Judging, or rabbits.  Guess which sections i will talk about.  Unfortunately, Dr. McCrea is booked for this date and the 4 other dates announced.
Brigid's presentation was excellent, as expected.  I had hoped to get a copy of the video to play for the audience, but I think i can do a reasonable job provided I get Brigid's PP file.
I think it would be a good idea to make slides available to download, especially for 4-H topics.  Coaches could share the information with other coaches and perhaps create momentum for 4-H poultry projects.

Avatar_placeholder Nick Zimmermann

about 3 years ago

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