Online privacy tune-up: Facebook's settings

Sharing things on a social network (e.g., Facebook) shouldn’t lead to a surprise of who gets to see it. Yet, the surprises are what make most people feel that their privacy is being infringed. It’s not that we don’t want to share, it’s that we want to understand exactly how and with whom we are sharing. However, the privacy settings are often confusing and difficult to find. 

Participants in this webinar will gain a better appreciation for online privacy, and leave better equipped to adjust their own privacy settings in Facebook. While the focus will be on particular settings in Facebook, the principles will be applicable for many social networks

This session will be hosted on the University of New Hampshire Blackboard Collaborate platform - users will need to have Java on their computers and be able to run a small launcher program to start join the webinar. You can check your system settings before the webinar here.



Stephen Judd

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As suggested during the webinar, If you have more questions about this session, you might want to post to the eXtension Network Literacy Facebook page @

Thumb_karenbiopicturesmall-profilepic_ladybirdjohnson Karen Jeannette

over 3 years ago

We all need to learn more about settings and understand what the terminology means.
Nice job Steve!

Thumb_anneweddingsquare Anne Adrian

over 3 years ago

Yes - I agree.  Thanks, Steve. It's good to complete a tune up every now and then.  There are several things I learned in this webinar that I need to add to my list.

Thumb_karenbiopicturesmall-profilepic_ladybirdjohnson Karen Jeannette

over 3 years ago

You may notice that Facebook began rolling out a new Privacy Checkup tool on September 4th (  I'd encourage you to go through the steps in the tool when you get a chance. During the webinar, we'll have the opportunity to delve more deeply into what the various settings actually mean, and maybe discover some that aren't surfaced in the tool.

Thumb_sgjsm100x100 Stephen Judd

over 3 years ago

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