October meeting of the Small and Backyard Flocks CoP

The monthly CoP membership committee meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. The October meeting was held October 2. Items discussed include:

  • Progress to date
    • Website
      • Google analytics shows that we had over 26,000 unique visitors last month. We have been steadily increasing in hits each month.
      • While 50% are using windows a large portion are accessing the site with mobile devices, some of which have small screen sizes. We need to check out how our website, webinars and facebook look on these devices.
      • Information for Iowa State - If someone is accessing a live webinar on an iPad they need to download a free adobe connect App. If they want to watch the recording they need a Puffin App ($2.99 version is best) to view it since it is
    • Facebook
      • 205 likes to date
    • Webinar recording viewers
      • 9/25/14 Winter care - 67
        • Richard is going to put together something from the recording that we can post
      • 8/21/14 Anatomy and necropsy - 148
      • 7/10/14 Behavior 196
      • 6/9/14 Lighting 115
      • 5/29/14 Pastured egg production 75
      • 5/15/14 Composting 70
      • 9/9/13 Predators 189
        • Re-posting on Facebook and adding article summary helped with viewings
  • Marketing plan
    • Ads for newspapers/magazines
      • Discussed possible formats - Jacquie will put something together and circulate for opinions
      • Contact Backyard poultry, Poultry Press and Hobby Farms about putting ads in
    • Feed stores - Send something to feed companies that they can circulate. Work in one region of the country and monitor progress. Jacquie will work on the SE area first.
  • Annual report due November 1
  • Evaluation plan
    • We haven't really had one - need to put one in place as soon as possible
    • Need to start adding a link to a survey at the end of each webinar. The link would be accessible during the webinar as well as the recording. Will start with the October webinar on the basics of poultry processing
    • Need to investigate the possibility of following up on ask-an-expert questions to get feedback
  • Upcoming webinars
    • Egg production series being held the second Tuesday of each month at 11 AM November through March
    • Want to put together a health-topics series
      • Time of the day discussed and settled on trying 2 PM Eastern time (11 AM Pacific)
      • Will try to start in January


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